Inès Anaïs Rain represents a philosophy of slow movement. We believe in the real process of creativity, in real time, in real life, in real people and in real life challenges.
Creativity can happen in real environments of peace, tranquility and space.
We trust in the human conceptual ability and not in the industrialized craziness of mass production. Human hand-made creations are far more vibrant, eclectic, inspired and inspirational.
We represent a culture of small sized non-intrusive actions. Our statement is to exist in a fake, robot-made world and remain alive and human.
Our real jewels are a living proof of the tradition we are part of.
Be part of the culture. Feel free to join, to make a change. Feel free to leave, to make a change too. Allow yourself to become the real you.
With Love and Wisdom,
Inès Anaïs Rain